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The new HORIZON 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation has just been launched!

Our industrial profile and renown expertise in project management and technology provision and transfer make us a reliable partner for your next research project.

Have a look at our know-how and projects or immediately contact us for any information or specific request!

Welcome to the web site of Softeco Sismat Research & Innovation, a Softeco Sismat Division. Find details and updated information about latest activities, achievements and results of research and innovation work in our company!

Softeco Sismat is a leader in the ICT market since 1979. Our headquarters are located in Genoa, and branch offices in Milan, Naples and Catania.
We operate with a high qualified group of about 250 employees, over 60% with technical and/or scientific degrees.
Thanks to specific application and technological competences, Softeco Sismat is a supplier of innovative solutions enabling customers to exploit the potential offered by ICT, with a particular focus on business development and innovation.
Our teams carry out important ICT and industrial projects by integrating systems, networks, products and technologies. We can also supplement our offer by providing technical and organisational consultancy as well as specialised customer support services, technology assessment and introduction, training.

Innovation and technological leadership are key factors to ensure competitive growth and success: this is why we invest about 10% of our resources and yearly turnover in Research & Innovation. Participation to research projects and the creation of international scientific and technological collaborations are pivotal in the development of High-Tech products , as well as preliminary conditions for turning innovation into business.
In nearly 20 years of activity, thanks to a collaboration network of over 700 European companies and research centres, we took part - also as Project Coordinator - in more than 80 research projects in different areas:





& Environment

These include several projects funded by the European Commission under various Framework Programmes - starting from FP3 onwards, up to the current FP7 - and in other major initiatives such as, e.g.,  eContent, eContentPlus, eTEN, ICT-PSP, LIFE/LIFE+. We are also a major player in the national research and innovation arena, with participation to a number of National and Regional initiatives.

Since 1996 we are included in the National Research Register (Anagrafe Nazionale delle Ricerche, CAR CODE 60380YYS) held by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). Furthermore, we are a founding and active member of SIIT, Intelligent Integrated Systems and Technologies, the Technology District of the Liguria Region.

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