Nowadays Information Technology (IT) plays a fundamental role in all biomedical clinical, research and managerial activities: it is introduced in large areas of medical and biological learning as a knowledge control tool, it supports doctors and specialists in the disease diagnosis and treatment, it is a leading actor in the study of biological phenomena at molecular levels, and much more.

Softeco Sismat operates in three top areas:

  • diagnostic medical imaging
  • biomedical portals
  • bioinformatics


In collaboration with Esaote S.p.A. - world leader in Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) for medical applications - Softeco Sismat S.p.A. exploits its consolidated expertise in Image Processing to develop Computer-Aided Diagnosis systems (CAD) for 3D reconstruction, virtual navigation and measurement of several anatomical districts, starting form medical NMR images. (Results published by kind authorization of Esaote S.p.A., exclusive owner of the software.)

Since 2006 Softeco Sismat is also partner of the Public-Private Laboratory “Imaging non invasivo per diagnostica morfo-funzionale avanzata” (“Non-invasive imaging for advanced morpho-functional diagnostics”) (MIUR-DM 18604) which investigates new diagnostic supports in rheumatology and orthopedics, such as the study of spinal column pathologies. Softeco Sismat’s role is focused on the development of new image analysis methods able to go beyond the organ’s virtual reconstruction, in order to provide objective parameters and better support the diagnostic process.

Softeco Sismat's expertise in Image Processing includes:

  • Medical imaging processing
    • on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) images for lumbar region, knee, hand and wrist
    • on UltraSounds (US) images for carotid artery
  • CPU/GPU Computer Graphics Techniques
    • OpenGL / GLSL
    • Automatic image segmentation techniques
    • ITK, VTK, OpenCV, CUDA
  • Computer Vision
    • Real time image capturing from digital cameras
    • Quantitative parameter calculation

MEDICINE 2.0 - Aggregation, access and sharing of medical knowledge through the internet

Softeco Sismat cooperates with field specialists to the development of Medicine 2.0 projects delivering information services designed for physicians, patients, associations, pharmaceutical industries, and researchers.

Web 2.0 technologies such as semantic web and social networking are exploited to facilitate the access to, the aggregation and the sharing of biomedical contents between different users:

  • Worksafe - and its evolution EuroWorksafe – delivered  two web portals providing information services on occupational cancer risk and prevention;
  • EuOrphan released an information service supporting the European market of orphan drugs for rare diseases;
  • ERDDS developed a set of web services for the access and reuse of digital contents available through radiology departments in Europe and defined a European Radiological Trans Nomenclature, a reference classification schema to match and compare radiological data between different Radiological Information Systems (RIS).

BIOINFORMATICS - Support for computational, epidemiological and predictive analysis in molecular biology

Bioinformatics aims at increasing knowledge on biological processes through computational and statistical analysis of available data.

Softeco Sismat is a technology provider in the Hypergenes project, whose goal is

  • to find genetic traits responsible for essential hypertension - a very widespread disease in Europe whose aetiology is still unknown - and related target organ damages (using a whole genome association approach),
  • to develop an integrated disease model, and
  • to test the predictive ability of the model to identify individuals at risk.

In order to identify a set of genetic traits which are potentially relevant for the onset of the disease, Softeco Sismat collaborated with IBM Haifa in the development of a bioinformatic platform for the harmonization, analysis and management of the large amount of phenotype data and wide-genotyping results.

Softeco Sismat also supported the University of Milan in the design and test of a Genetic Laboratory Information Management System dedicated to the management and quality control of biological samples gathered from heterogeneous cohorts.