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CARAVEL is the largest pilot project undertaken so far in the framework of the CiViTAS II Initiative, the EC instrument implemented to help European cities to introduce and evaluate innovative measures and policies aimed at achieving a more sustainable, clean and energy efficient mobility.

CARAVEL federated four cities - Genoa (I), Krakow (PL), Burgos (E) and Stuttgart (D) – whose political leaders agreed to establish a new culture for clean mobility in support of sustainable development, citizens' well being and safe access for all. The CARAVEL measures in the four cities represent a package of coordinated measures addressing several key areas of urban mobility, including traffic management, new types of public transport schemes, city freight distribution, traffic and travel information services just to name a few.

We played a key role in CARAVEL as a main technology and innovative solutions provider, implementing advanced ICT solutions that enable the operation of various mobility services in Genoa - in the area of public transport and collective mobility schemes, sustainable city logistics services, travel and traffic information services - as a well as the take up of a Flexible Public Transport scheme in Krakow.

An overview of the approach pursued in the four CARAVEL cities and of the various measures and solutions can be found in the following Caravel presentation.

A comprehensive description and account of all the main actions and achievements of the four CARAVEL cities can be found in the Final Project Report (7 MB). Clicking on the CARAVEL cities below you will be accessing the  CiViTAS CARAVEL web pages of each relevant city.


Genoa                                    Krakow                                    Burgos                                 Stuttgart

Just after the successful end of the project, Genoa, as the leading CARAVEL city, has been awarded with the title of CiViTAS City of the Year 2010, for the particularly effective implementation of new measures for freight and demand management schemes for both passengers and freight.

The political decision makers of the cities involved in the pilot agreed to the following mission statement for CARAVEL:

"Burgos, Genoa, Krakow and Stuttgart intend to establish a new culture for clean mobility in European cities in support of sustainable development, citizens well being and safe access for all."

Such high-level project aims reflect the priorities on the political agenda of most medium-sized cities in Europe for an integrated transport policy in response to major urban policy challenges.

Genoa has been active in all the CiViTAS policy fields and the measure foreseen by the project have been designed to spread all over the target areas, harmonising them into the different urban realities.

Specifically, the following mobility management measures have been implemented in Genoa during CARAVEL:

  • Transition towards clean vehicle fleets
  • Integrated access control strategy and road charging scheme
  • Clean high mobility corridor
  • Agency for flexible transport services
  • Car sharing service
  • New leisure related mobility services
  • Enlarged goods distribution scheme
  • Sustainable mobility marketing and Ecopoints
  • Mobility Forum
  • Integrated mobility plan for the San Martino Hospital
  • Integrated mobility strategy for trade fairs
  • Monitoring Centre for Road Safety and Accident Prevention
  • Decision support tool for environmental impact assessment of traffic planning measures
  • Intermodal infomobility platform
  • Bus lane control system

The measures developed within the CiViTAS project address mainly in the central and the eastern part of the city, with a particular attention to the old historical town and the city centre, the area of the San Martino Hospital and Nervi. In the central Genoa (including the old historical centre) the problem of the non-sustainable number of circulating (and pollutant) private cars was faced with a mix of measures regarding both access restrictions and new forms of mobility for both passengers and freight.

We took part in CARAVEL as a core technical project partner, providing ICT solutions and technology innovation in the following project activities:

  • WP8 Stimulation of Collective Transport Modes, whose main goal was the development of advanced technical solutions to support (1) the implementation of an Agency for Flexible Transport Services – coordinating, among others, the DrinBus Demand Responsive Transport schemes operated in 3 peri-urban areas in Genoa (Pegli, Quinto and Bolzaneto) and (2) piloting of Demand Responsive Transport services in a peri-urban area of Krakow, based on experience and technology transfer from Genoa;
  • WP10 New Concepts for Goods Distribution, which lead to the implementation and piloting of an enlarged goods distribution scheme in Genoa, based on access control and a "mobility credits" scheme;
  • WP12 Telematics and Infomobility, resulting in new travel and traffic information services aimed at achieving a more efficient and sustainable travelling in Genoa.

Comune di Genova (IT)

Azienda Mobilità e Infrastrutture di Genova S.p.A. – AMI (IT)

Softeco Sismat S.p.A. (IT)

D'Appolonia S.p.A. (IT)

IIC Istituto Internazionale Delle Comunicazioni – International Institute of Communications (IT)

University of Genoa - Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods DIEM (IT)

Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dell’ Ambiente Ligure - Environmental Protection Agency of the Regione Liguria, ARPAL (IT)

Agenzia Regionale per l’Energia della Liguria S.p.A. – Liguria Regional Energy Agency, ARE (IT)

QN Financial Services S.p.A. (IT)

Municipality of Krakow (PL)

Miejskie Przedsiebiosrstwo Komunikacyjne SA w Krakowie (PL)

Politechnika Krakowska im.Tadeusza Kosciuszki - Krakow University of Technology (PL)

Municipal Development Agency - Agencja Rozwoju Miasta S. A (PL)

City of Burgos (ES)

Strategic Bureau for Burgos (ES)

Castilla-Leon Institute of Technology (ES)

City of Stuttgart (DE)

SSP Consult Beratende Ingenieure GmbH (DE)

University of Stuttgart - Department for Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering (DE)

Institute for Road and Transportation Science (DE)

Verband Region Stuttgart (DE)

Rupprecht Consult - Forschung & Beratung GmbH (DE)

Given the spread of measures and new schemes in the four CARAVEL cities, the project addressed and implemented quite a large number of ICT solutions and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the relevant target sites.

We have contributed to the implementation of various pilot schemes and services in Genoa and Krakow. Particulalry, we designed, delivered and put into operation the ICT enabling tecnologies and required ITS components in the following main areas:

  • technologies for planning and operation of Demand Responsive Transprt (DRT) services coordinated by the Flexible Transport Service Agency of Genoa. Based on our PersonalBus™ technology, this helps the passenger booking, service planning, vehicle dispatching and service operation for several DRT schemes (DrinBus™) in Genoa, for both the general public and users with mobility impairments;
  • localisation and transfer of PersonalBus™ DRT planning and operation solution in Krakow, for operation of the TeleBus™ DRT service in three peri-urban districts of Krakow: Rybitwy, Podwierzbie and part of Biezanów. The technology transfer and take up actions has been conducted in cooperation by Softeco, AMI (Mobility Agency of Genoa) and MPK, the public transport service provider of Krakow;
  • implementation of new travellers information services via a new informobility platform in Genoa, providing integration of traffic and travel information from a variety of sources (including the urban Traffic Management Centre, motorway Information Services, parking management system, etc.) and delivery to end users via a web portal (Mobilitypoint™) and SMS services;
  • implementation of a web-based Car Pooling mangement service (CPweb™) used for a car pooling pilot scheme for the employees of the main city hospital in Genoa (San Martino);
  • implementation of the management platform for a new freight distribution scheme in the historical centre of Genoa based on "mobility credits", integrating Access Control technologies (Limited Traffic Zone in the historical centre; supplied by Project Automation SpA), delivery and "credit transfer" operations tracking (hand held terminals, smart cards, NFC; supplied by Consorzio Triveneto) and a credits management system.

"Mobility credits"  freight distribution scheme (Genoa

DRT services in Genoa (above) and Krakow (below)


CARAVEL measures implementation and pilot service demonstration in Genoa and Krakow allowed us to develop and test several close-to-market solutions for implementation and operation of sustainable mobility schemes. Some information about obtained results is provided beow.

Demand Responsive and Flexible Transport Schemes

Flexible Transport Services Agency in Genoa

Case study brochure (2.5 MB) 

TeleBus™ DRT scervice in Krakow

Case study on ELTIS.

Video from MPK (PT Service Provider)


Travel and Traffic Information Services

MobilityPoint™ multi-service web portal in Genoa

Online portal accessible here.







Mobility Manager Workshop, Genoa, 18 May 2007

CARAVEL Summer University, Genoa, 25-26 June 2008

  • program (2.4 MB) 
  • presentation: Technological Approach to Demand Responsive Transport (7.6 MB) 

CiViTAS II Final Conference, Toulouse, 21-23 January 2009


Marco Boero

Michele Masnata

Marco Gorini

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EC Programme
FP6, CIVITAS II Initiative

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N° TREN/04/FP6/513553

Start date
February 2005

48 months

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