e-miXer (Mobility Information eXchange Environment for Real-time services) is a highly customisable and platform-independent suite of components which enables the integration and processing of different and heterogeneous data sources in the domain of traffic and mobility.

Thanks to compliance with the most widely-know ITS standards, e-miXer provides and effective and efficient method to interface traffic and transport information systems based on various legacy technologies, support interoperability among different data sources and enable new communication and integration solutions.

e-miXer enables the provision of infomobility services to the end user either in a direct way or by providing the necessary data to other service providers via a standard-based B2B interface.  It has a modular and flexible structure, which ensures seamless integration in different environments and situations and a high degree of customisation.

Typical applications of e-miXer include, for instance:

  • traffic monitoring and supervision,
  • user information through various delivery channels (e.g.  SMS, email, mobile apps, interactive voice response, etc.),
  • infomobility web portals,
  • etc.

Visit the e-miXer web site to get a complete overview of its features!

Marco Boero

Michele Masnata


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