European energy research is helping to transform the energy system into one which will be more sustainable and more compatible with the ecosystem. Within this framework, energy research is a key factor for the development of a sustainable European economy in the context of the Lisbon Strategy, a major priority for the European Union which is intended to boost competitiveness, job creation, social cohesion and environmental sustainability.

European Commission - "Towards smart power networks"  


Before energy market deregulation, only vertically integrated giants provided commodities from the source to the consumer: nowadays, generators and suppliers are actors in a very dynamic and competitive market to sell their goods (e.g. electricity and gas) to customers.

On the other side, increasing energy consumption and demand in many different regions of the world make transmission and distribution separate business functions - as a result, thousands of new stakeholders have entered the market, whose complexity has increased.

Our competences in the field focus on:

  • support for negotiation, opening and invoicing of contracts for electric power and gas supply;
  • customer consumption data collection, reporting, visualization and analysis;
  • buying-and-selling operation management (e-Marketplace);
  • sales force automation (Brokers and Customers).

Product portfolio

In response to this new market scenarios, Softeco Sismat has developed Energy & Gas RetailĀ®, the complete solution for multiutilities companies for the management of the sales process in the competitive power market.

Energy & Gas RetailĀ® is a vertical complete and integrated solution, answering to the specific requirements of this highly specialized field:

  • manages the process of sale and purchase of Electric power in the free market, integrating all the Back-Office activities with an elevated degree of flexibility and modularity;
  • manages the legislative implementations dictated by the current laws in force.
  • integrates data provided by other company systems;
  • collects and manages customer consumption data;
  • manages invoicing by covering different contractual typologies and dealing with the continuous changes of the norm;
  • supplies a complete set of statistics tools to offer company management  the necessary instruments to control, plan and define a business strategy.
  • support the activities of negotiating, opening, managing and invoicing of contracts of electric power supply and gas
  • adapt itself easily to the changes in terms of norms
  • guarantee high levels of data security
  • guarantee a great level of expandability of the system to support all future developments both in terms of architecture and the volume of data


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