Enrico Morten

Enrico Morten graduated in Informatics and Electronic from the University of Genoa in 1978.

He has been working for several years in large enterprises in northern Italy such as Ansaldo and Esaote, and later for several SMEs.

His background includes automation systems for the industry in various manufacturing fields, biomedical research, software engineering and web technologies.

Since 1996 he is working in Softeco Sismat Spa, where he is in charge of supporting the company research and innovation policy and has managed and participated to several RTD projects funded by the EU under different programmes, including Brite/EuRam, ESPRIT, IST, FP 5, FP6, FP7, eContent and eTEN, and in various national RTD initiatives.

He coordinated the projects COMMIUS (FP7), GLIMS (FIMSER) and Inter-Trust (FP7).