Genomic Laboratory Information Management System

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Newest genomic and molecular biology technologies – together with the creation of platforms specifically dedicated to genotyping and sequencing techniques – recently brought an exponential growth of biological data hardly imaginable – both from a quantitative and from a qualitative point of view – just a few years ago.

On one side, large biological data sets allow to express strong analytical potentialities and to improve biomedical research results, on the other side they raise problems related to biological sample management, sample and data quality control, long term storage and preservation.

The project aims at implementing a Genomic Laboratory Information Management System (GLIMS) able to homogenize, formalize and integrate wet (sample management) and dry (data analysis) laboratory workflow processes, in order to

  • improve research centre productivity and competitivity,
  • improve laboratory process workflows,
  • manage data provided by Next Generation Sequencing and Whole Genome Genotyping.

GLIMS conceptual model

Three main objectives have been identified:

  • workflow process formalization;
  • ICT workflow support implementation;
  • assessment and validation.

The GLIMS will include the following functionalities:

  • management of macroprojects, projects, macrocustomers, customers, biological samples, plates, vials, batches, storages, consumables and study cohorts;
  • tracking of biological sample management and processing;
  • laboratory workflow support and tracking.

The GLIMS will improve the management of the activities related to the joint or singular provision of the following services:

  • DNA extraction;
  • DNA genotyping;
  • DNA sequencing;
  • gene expression.

The functionalities included will support both project administrative management and project operative management, with a specific focus on the activities related to the wet laboratory workflows (biological sample validation, error tracking, document management, etc.) and to the dry laboratory processes (statistical analysis, data aggregation and modeling, etc.).

The GLIMS will ultimately allow to manage the whole genomic data life cycle from biological sample registration to biological sample processing and data analysis.

GLIMS workflow model

Softeco Sismat (IT)

IMS - Istituto di Management Sanitario S.r.l. (IT)

in collaboration with

  • Fondazione Filarete (IT)
  • UNIL - Université de Lausanne (CH)

The system will be developed using "state-of-the-art" Open Source technologies (according to the European Commission guidelines on cost reduction):

  • J2EE platform
  • AJAX technology
  • RIA technology
  • Tomcat Servlet Container
  • PostgreSQL RDBMS

The project adopted the ZK RIA framework (  to implement all advanced interface interactions:

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Enrico Morten

Stefano Bianchi

Know how - Biomed


Regione Lombardia, Bando FIMSER

Grant agreement
N° 14761702

Start date
July 2010

12 (+6) months

Softeco Sismat (IT)


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