Integrated Multimodal Platform
for Urban and extra urban Logistic System Optimisation

Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, in line with the 2007 Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan by the European Commission, established a roadmap for the development of an integrated ICT application that is capable of following the movement of goods into, out-of and around the European Union.

This concept, entitled as e-Freight, denotes the vision of a paper-free, electronic flow of information associating the physical flow of goods with a paperless trail built by ICT. It includes the ability to track and trace freight along its journey across transport modes and to automate the exchange of content-related data for regulatory or commercial purposes.

This innovation project aims at designing and developing innovative tools and solutions for mobility and freight management, with a particular attention to social and enviromental constraints.

The seamless logistic process identified is based on the efficiency, flexibility and modularity of a networking management system that include the connection network and the mediation layers / interfaces for the Internet, the other components and other logistic applications.

The digitalization of the delivery note (in Italy, Documento Di Trasporto or DDT or, previously, Bolla di Accompagnamento) allows its real-time verification by all actors/stakeholders involved in the freight transport and delivery chain, including (according to Italian law DL 286/2005) purchasers, carriers, addressees, storekeepers and forwarders.

Other benefits arising from the digitalisation of documents can be summarized as follows:

  • format scanning and recognition;
  • delivery status update and live verification;
  • proof-of-delivery eletronic automation;
  • automatic billing triggering;
  • freight document management (invoices, delivery notes, complaints etc.).

The last point in particular allows to consider web-based freight document management, with the activation of B2B or B2C real-time services, taking into account constraints dictated by the law in force at Union and National level (e.g. in Italy according to the CNIPA rules).


Info Solution (IT)

Italdata Ingegneria dell'Idea (IT)

I.Log iniziative logistiche (IT)


CNR Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - National Research Council (IT)

Elsag Datamat (IT)

Softeco Sismat (IT)

Consorzio Milano Ricerche (IT)

Università di Palermo (IT)

Powersoft (IT)

EAT European Advanced Technologies (IT)

ACT Solutions (IT)

Media Plus (IT)

Università di Roma “La Sapienza” (IT)

Aitek (IT)

Planetek Italia (IT)

CIPI - Centro Interuniversitario sull’Ingegneria delle Piattaforme Informatiche (IT)

Globo Informatica (IT)

Click&Find (IT)

TXT e-solutions (IT)

Project Automation (IT)

Creasys (IT)

Telespazio (IT)

The IMPULSO system (developed as an interconnected set of modular components compliant with the existing infrastructure) will include:

  • an HW/SW platorm for data collection, analysis and sharing/publishing
  • a set of HW/SW I/F for external systems
  • a set of models depicting the equipments to improve the existing infrastructure
  • prototipal HW componenent for good and vehicle management

IMPULSO will be composed by the following subsystems:

  • Tranport Systems and Components
  • Infologistics
  • Collaborative Systems and Components

Softeco Sismat is specifically involved in the design and implementation of the Multichannel Tracking and Tracing System.

Project is running, stay tuned for results!

Marco Boero

Marco Gorini

Know how - Mobility


Industria 2015 - Mobilità sostenibile
Tema b2 "Sistemi per la mobilità sicura ed integrata fra veicoli ed infrastrutture per il trasporto di persone e/o merci"

Grant agreement
N° MS01_00031

Start date
October 2009

36 months



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