An intelligent management of mobility processes and related information is the key factor for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), e.g. intelligent infrastructures and vehicles, InfoMobility devices and systems.


Is your desktop a real or a virtual one? Collaboration and communication possibilities are not limited anymore - ICT changed the working rules and habits, introducing scalability and flexibility.


ICT plays a fundamental role in biomedical clinical, research and managerial activities: as a knowledge modelling and control tool in medical and biological learning, as a support in the disease diagnosis and treatment, and more.

Energy & Environment

Let's ICT shed its light on energy use and supply, a topic of fundamental importance to society, considering the impact on the environment and the large scale and pervasive nature of energy related activities.


How to cope with media channels used to store and deliver data or information? Capturing, analysing, interpreting and classifying media streams is how ICT can help in putting noise into order.


From research to innovation - promote a direct transfer of results to the advantage of our customers.


We constantly expand our competences, following major technological trends and applying them in different application scenarios:

  • Knowledge Modelling and Management
  • Content and Multi-media Management
  • e-Work and e-Business architectures
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration architectures
  • Semantic web and metadata architectures
  • Knowledge and Multi-Agent Systems
  • Auto-Adaptive User Interfaces
  • Computer vision, image processing, gesture analysis and interpretation systems
  • Demand Responsive Transport Systems
  • Transport modelling and Decision Support Systems
  • Geographic data and content management

The research activities address industrial, service and commerce applications, reflecting Softeco Sismat's Business Lines:

and extending them also in other areas:

  • eWork and collaborative working environments
  • biomed, medicine and e-Health
  • energy, environment, natural resources and land use