Marco Boero

Head of Division Research & Innovation of Softeco, he is a Senior Engineer and Project Manager with a M. Sc. degree in Informatics and Electronic Engineering from the University of Genoa, Dept. of Computer, Telecommunications and Systems Science.

His background includes advanced ICT solutions for the industry in various areas, including applications for transportation and mobility, e-Work/m.Work, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, manufacturing, training, resources and risk management.

He is experienced in advanced information technology and modelling methods, including Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Based Systems, simulation, Cooperative Working and Decision Support Systems.

He is author of several international papers and co-Editor of two books on Artificial Intelligence applications to transportation and traffic engineering and on ICT applications to infomobility and traffic information.

He has some twenty year experience in the field of RTD projects both at the national and European level and has been involved in numerous projects under various programs, in some as the Project Coordinator, starting from the EC Framework Program 3 onwards, up to the current FP7.

As regards transport and mobility related RTD projects, he was or is currently involved in a number of projects including EcoGem (FP7, ICT Green Cars, 260097), In-Time (CIP, ICT-PSP-2008238880), eMOTION (FP6-TREN-019939-SUSTDEV), CARAVEL (IP FP6-513553, CiViTAS), CONNECT (CA FP6-PLT-506959), CEDM (LIFE ENVT/IT/000870), FAMS (IST-2001-34347), eDRUL (IST-2001-34241), COSTE (eContent EDC 4130/28459), INVETE (IST-1999-10311), ENTERPRICE (TAP TR1020), SAMPLUS (TAP TR2043), SAMPO (TAP TR1046), SMARTEST (FP4, TPT).

He actively participated to the work of ERUDIT Network of Excellence, Technical Committee C "Traffic".