A media monitoring service provides clients with documentation, analysis, or copies of media content of interest to the clients.

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Historically the media monitoring domain focused on traditional media (TV/Radio/Press), as those channels represented the de-facto highways for the information flow.

With the advent of internet, more and more information is stored and distributed in new digital media formats. Currently internet is by no dubt the primary source of information.

Media monitoring is all about exploiting the overwelming amount of information available, providing what really matters to users and customers and drammatically shortening the time-to-information.


We started dealing with information retrieval techniques and internet media monitoring in 2004 and since then we built strong competences in the following areas:

  • internet crawling techniques: how to deal with network latency, how to cope with authentication layers and Web 2.0/3.0 - we are able to monitor thousands of sources, distributing crawling computational efforts on several nodes and scaling media monitoring up to any customer needs;
  • text indexing techniques: distributed indexing, multi-language support and more - we are able to index millions of documents and retrieve information within milliseconds;
  • text analysis techniques: dynamic hard and soft clustering, domain specific analysis modules to bring added value information to our customers;
  • information representation: a user-centric data representation is a key factor for efficient information retrieval - our competences range from user-centric data modeling and development approaches to the knowledge of proper presentation layers.


Our distributed information retrieval platform is geared around the fastest and most powerful open source text search engines currently on the market, namely Xapian and Sphinx.

On top of our platform we recently developed CAPTO as a complete solution to tackle a broad range of applications in the media monitoring domain.

Application scenarios

  • News monitoring
  • Media advertisement campaign monitoring
  • Web data monitoring: job postings, auctions, stock market etc.
  • Acquisition, indexing and retrieval of national and regional artifacts publisched by the Public Administration
  • Document / Mail harvesting


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