An intelligent management of mobility processes and of the relevant information are nowadays key factors for the expansion, economic growth and service improvement of the society we live in.

The implementation and management of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), of intelligent infrastructures and vehicles, of InfoMobility devices and systems, are at the core of this development area.

Thanks to systematic participation in research and innovation projects, we have developed a remarkable experience in this area: many pilot projects in several European cities made it possible to develop, test and validate technological solutions, innovative applications and mobility services, and to transform well-established prototypes and know-how into basic platforms or final products for successful market delivery. See, for instance, e-miXer™, our Mobility Information eXchange Environment for Real-time Services delivered via a variety of channels including web portals, SMS, email, IVR, RSS and mobile Apps.

Softeco Sismat is nowadays a leader in the Transport Information Technology market. Have a look at the PersonalBus® Success Story to see how we successfully turned research results into business opportunities!


  • Advanced networked Service Architectures (SOAs) for mobility information and management
  • Vehicle location and fleet monitoring
  • Route and journey planning and navigation
  • Mission planning and vehicle dispatching
  • Cooperative mobility applications
  • Mobile applications and Location Based Services
  • Transport modelling and Decision Support Systems
  • Geographic data and content management
  • Geo and spatial data infrastructures & applications
  • Semantic web and metadata architectures


  • Networked service infrastructures (SOAs)  and mesh-up
    • SOAP, REST, Web Services, RIA Services
    • Platform-As-A-Service, Infrastructure-As-A-Service, Software-As-A-Service, Microsoft Azure
  • ICT and ITS standards for mobility applications
    • DATEX II, Transmodel, SIRI, TPEG, JourneyWeb
    • Standard network transport protocols: TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP, WCF
    • Mobile transport protocols: SMS, GSM/GPRS/UMTS
    • Data model: Domain Services for RIA, POCO, DTO
  • Positioning, mobile applications and LBS
    • GPS/GNSS location, digital map matching, LBS search
    • Windows 7, Android, iPhone mobile Apps
  • Geospatial data infrastructures & applications
    • GML, OGC standard, WFS, WMS, WCS, Database & SQL geo-enabled, PostGreSQL + PostGIS
    • GeoServer, GEO APIs (e.g. Google Maps), Bing Silverlight, OpenLayers, Silverlight DeepEarth
  • Semantic web and metadata architectures
    • Metadata: ISO19100, ebRIM
    • Metadata catalogues: OGC CSW, ebXML
    • Semantic Web standards

Application scenarios

  • Flexible or Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) Planning and Management - both public and private
  • Platforms for integrated management of information and control strategies in traffic network supervision and control - Integrated Strategy Manager (ISM), Traffic Information Center (TIC)
  • (Info)mobility knowledge management
  • Multi-tier platforms for Internet/Intranet/Extranet information access and distribution
  • Urban solid waste planning and management
  • Fleet location and monitoring
  • Urban logistics management
  • Intermodal and port logistic management