Personalbus® solutions are used for the planning, dispatch and administration of flexible, collective Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services in urban areas, peri-urban and extra-urban environments, large cities and small towns, rural zones and Mountain Community transport.


Personalbus® modularity allows transport service providers to set up a Travel Dispatch Centre implementing only the system functionalities and resources required by the particular transport problem addressed. This helps keeping under control the costs related to both the initial investment and service operation.

The configurability of Personalbus® system enables the service provider to size and tailor the transport service in relation to the actual demand in the served area.

The service network model (road trunks, turnings, passengers stops, etc.) and the DRT fleet definition (number of vehicles, types, time availability, etc.) can be modified at any time following any need of change and expansion as service operations isprogressing.

The architectural adaptability of Personalbus® allows operating in a single-user or multi-user mode, implementing the Travel Dispatch Centre on a single Personal Computer or on a multi-server distributed architecture.


  • Personalbus® .net - management of the entire Demand Responsive Transport service production cycle (fixed routes with deviations, flexible routes, many-to-many, many-to-one and one-to-many schemes, etc.)
  • Personalbus® - H - planning and administration of disabled transport services on demand and reservation
  • Personalbus® - SSM - solution for the design and automated planning of school transport services

Andrea Mastinu

Mobility and Transport Sales Manager

Marco Boero

Customer case history

Softeco Sismat is a leader in the Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) market with over 60 installations in Italy based on the Personalbus® suite and other mobility technologies.

Personalbus® has been also installed in Russia (DreamBus®, Ekaterinburg) and Poland (TeleBus®, Krakow).

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