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Personalbus® solutions are used for the planning, dispatch and administration of flexible, collective Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services in urban areas, peri-urban and extra-urban environments, large cities and small towns, rural zones and Mountain Community transport.

Personalbus® modularity allows transport service providers to set up a Travel Dispatch Centre implementing only the system functionalities and resources required by the particular transport problem addressed. This helps keeping under control the costs related to both the initial investment and service operation.


Many European cities and towns have historical centres, and sustainability, environment preservation and quality of life have become major concerns.

City Logistics is assuming a transverse role, as it operates within complex interdependencies at the urban level. New solutions are increasingly being researched, including measures and elements such as freight transit points, on-demand van stop and unload areas, time windows and access certificates, van sharing, B2C goods pick-up points and e-lockers, etc.

eMILE® solutions fully support last-mile freight distribution and sustainable city logistic.


e-miXer (Mobility Information eXchange Environment for Real-time services) is a highly customizable and platform-independent suite of components which enables the integration and elaboration of different and heterogeneous data sources in the domain of traffic and mobility.

e-miXer enables the provision of infomobility services to the end user either in a direct way or by providing the necessary data to other service providers via a B2B interface based on the most widely used Intelligent Transport Systems standards.


Due to the overwhelming amount of available information and the inherent nature of internet (polling protocol), nowadays information published on internet is not manageable any more.

Manual information retrieval can be a human exhaustive activity and can not be considered precise not exhaustive, as the relevant information is only a fraction of the available one. All these problems, leading to a potential loss of information (hence power), pertain to the information created by a company as well.

CAPTO is the complete solution to create information acquiring and indexing media from multiple sources.


Bone and joint diseases affect hundreds of millions of patients throughout the world, and are the leading cause of pain and disability, having a huge impact on individuals, families, societies and economies.

Innovative software system for the diagnosis and the management of chronic diseases - such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) - can dramatically improve the quantity of exams conducted and the quality of the threatment.

RheumaScore is the CAD solution for RA diagnosis, evaluation and follow-up, based on Magnetic Resonance (MR) image processing and analysis.