Tracciabilità del pescato - Fish traceability

Fish traceability requires the collection of data about the fish/product chain, from catch (or farming) to consumption, in order to ensure quality and safety. A complete traceability of fish characteristics and quality allows satisfying the consumers demand of information about the food they eat and increasing the consumers trust in fish products.

Furthermore, fish traceability is also a mandatory requirement to satisfy the rules established by the national and European legislation.

Carried out under the coordination of  Catania Province Administration (Provincia Regionale di Catania) the project has implemented, deployed and tested an ICT-based system for the monitoring of fishing fleets in the Gulf of Catania. Colecting operation data during fish catchingcampaigns allowed building a database of georeferenced data to be used by third parties for the quality certification of the origin of the fish.

The video below (in italian, 7 mins) provides an overview of the project, of its background and motivation, of the implemented solutions and their benefits


Provincia Regionale di Catania (IT)

Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Sicilia "A.Mirri" (IT)

Associazione Scientifico Culturale "Ketos" (IT)

Softeco Sismat (IT)

The project focused on designing a GIS-based monitoring system for small/medium fishing fleets and on setting up a Piloting Phase in the Gulf of Catania (Region of Sicily, Italy).

The system supported:

  • fishing fleet/vessel identification
  • GPS-based fishing fleet/vessel monitoring
  • GPS-based fishing ground identification
  • fishing expedition registration and monitoring
  • PDA-based fish/product identification and quality control
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Enrico Morten

Marco Gorini

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P.O.R. Sicilia 2000/2006
CDP Sicilia 2000/2006
Asse 4 - Misura 4.17, Sottomisura A
Interventi a sostegno della pesca e dell’acquicoltura, interventi di contesto (SFOP)

Grant agreement
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Start date
January 2008

12 months

Provincia Regionale di Catania (IT)


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